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tv   Today  NBC  October 6, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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>> from nbc, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. it is friday. friday, everybody. i bet you're thrilled. it's october 5th. so happy you're with us here today. >> we certainly are happy on this try day friday. >> a little rain out there but lots of nice folks with us. look out the window. that is a sure sign of a bad hair day. >> depending on where you live and what day it is. >> you are not alone. an ivillage poll says what would you give up for one month of good hair days. one entire month?
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>> well, what would i give up for one month of great hair days. what are the options. >> well, 20% would give up sex. >> i don't think they are liking what they are getting anyway. that's why. >> a few more would give up their ipad. >> i would give up my ipad. yeah. what else? >> 33% said television. >> no, i wouldn't give up tv. no, i'd get keratin and do without it. >> no, i wouldn't worry about it. >> 35% would give up working out. who wants to do that anyway. >> everybody. >> alcohol. >> no. >> i'd give up shopping. >> you don't shop? >> i know. that's why i'd give it up. >> how far would you go on a bad hair day? oh, would you wear a wig? >> i wish i had a wig. >> i don't think they come in that size? >> no, i'm telling you, a wig would rock. all you do -- that's not kind,
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jimmy james. that's not kind because if i had a wig, i would wear it. that's not a wig, sadly. that was my hair. i would love it. i would pack it in my bag. when it was a black tie event. i'd swim in the water and go, there's an event tonight, i'll put my wig on. i'd put bow under it. i'd be so happy. if it looked real enough. >> if that makes you happy, this will has you happy. >> what is it? >> this is a gift. >> what is it? >> from tennessee. >> oh, my god, no, it is not. >> okay. >> run it home for you. >> no one even knows what it is. >> show it. >> oh yes they do. >> first of all, the fact that won our sign contest is a bad testament. two pompoms on a bad picture. >> by the way, her name is
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diane. >> you know what she said to me? diane is dead to me. >> i say it to diane. how about that? >> all righty. now, there are rules. >> okay. now you know what it feels like. >> i think it's funny, because there's no reality to it. >> one time -- i've got to tell you, one time i went for a haircut and my hair was frizzy, at that point i didn't do any products, no flat iron no keratin, relaxer, nothing. we're going to splurge, get a good haircut. he was like, it's so damaged. i'm like, it's not damaged. this is how it is. he cut it so short because he thought he was getting off the damage. >> the dead stuff. >> that was actually a grown out version. okay. i'm just saying that crop cut, i remember crying.
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>> you want to cry. >> it was awful. >> start doing the math, how long before it grows out. >> you realize in two years you'll like yourself again. >> when mine grows out, it grows big. >> grows big. >> first of all, this is kind of fun. let's do this first. >> what is it? >> this is a new thing. directions are in japanese. >> it's a breathalyzer. >> we tried it before. you can find out how bad your breath is immediately or good. i tried it before and on a scale of one to six, one is excellent, six is you're dead. i tried it before and i had one because i just had some gum. >> now you haven't. no, do it before. do it now. let's do it right now. >> you do it. >> blow. blow, blow, blow, mama. blow, mama, blow. >> you know that's not good. six? >> it is not. delete.
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it is not. she had that ready. >> we'll never know. >> it's going to be a six now. it was a one, which is perfect. >> allegedly, but we don't know. >> hold on. i'm doing it. >> this is that fabulous may tagg bleu cheese. >> four, three, two -- here it goes. smell it from here. go. blow, blow, blow. now i'm going to do it on mine. ooh ooh ooh. >> what's yours? >> it can't even register. >> read the directions. they are in japanese. >> boy, that's bad. off the charts. you're not even dead. >> there's funky, nauseating and death. and you're dead. congratulations on that. here is the question about newlyweds. it's nasty. >> the only thing to get rid -- >> martini.
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it's alcohol and it cleand it cs like hlister ine. >> how can i tell when a dad-gum thing comes in. >> james bond drink day. it's a martini. >> a $7 martini. >> available at ocean air seafood room for $7. >> for a special price of $7 per drink in honor of 007. >> double o 7 not oo. >> 007 not 00. >> at my age i'm glad i can see it's two zeros and a 7. >> this is rules newlyweds should not follow. >> okay. >> this is from we're going to agree or disagree with these people. rule number one, you have to be mr. and mrs. same name. >> excuse me, sarah -- >> i was going to write disagree but took too long.
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>> i said no. >> erase. this is fun. 34% of women said they felt pressured to change their name. >> so don't do it. >> next, same account. yes or no. >> no. >> no. we want our own coin. that says that's right, do what you want. i want mine and his. rule three, once you're married you need to put a five-year plan into place. yeah, that's going to work out. >> yes. >> what plan have you ever made that worked out? name one plan in your entire life. but she's going to make one. >> it seemed smart. >> what else?
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it's like they're pressured to feel -- >> you should be spending your free time together? >> no. >> these marriages are going to be excellent. why? that way you have time to miss each other. >> by the time you've taken the quiz, you don't want to marry the guy, you know what i mean. >> we should ask bobby thomas. she's actually getting married. >> that's fun. >> by the way, bobby thomas has bangs. we're not going to reveal what's happening but bobby has got bangs. >> she sure does. >> now, this is interesting. beware if you share the housework with your significant other. >> before the other survey we did about six months ago said if your husband is cleaning the house, he's sexier, so remember all those shots of guys vacuuming, we're like, that's hot. apparently that's not working now. >> you know what's hot? carrying in firewood. >> carrying in firewood. >> chopping it down and carrying it in. >> that's hot. apparently the more housework a man does in the house, the
2:14 am
higher chances of divorce. don't use this as an excuse, you guys. they aren't sure why divorce rate is higher among people that share housework. >> how do you know that? >> they guess it's better when they have a defined definition. >> are they asking you when you filed for divorce who vacuumed more? i think it's all bologna. >> how about you need help, you say, hey, rudolph, got off your reindeer and get up here and help me. >> rudolph? >> if you're married to a guy named rudolph. >> here is the thing. when people share the same job, arguments arrive. let's go to nameless. joey over there tells me that -- no? something her husband does he wants to be helpful and she loves him for it. if he doesn't do it properly, it ends up making more work for her. >> laundry. >> laundry. >> at least he tries.
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>> thank you so much, nameless. >> you know what, we have two things happening right now. the first is going to be kathie lee's friday funny. [ laughter ] >> go ahead. >> a gynecologist -- it's funny already -- was burned out and fed up with dealing with insurance. hoping to try another career where skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to become a mechanic. he went to the local technical college and learned all that he could. when the time of the practical exam approached, the gynecologist prepared very carefully for weeks and weeks and completed the exam with tremendous skill. when the results came back, he was surprised to find out that he had obtained a score of 150%. fearing an error, he called in the instructor saying, i don't want to appear ungrateful for such an outstanding result but i wonder if there is an error in the grade. >> sounds like it. >> the instructor said you took the engine apart perfectly. which was worth 50% of the grade. you put the engine back perfectly again, which is
2:16 am
another 50%. >> and? >> after a pause -- i'm getting there hoda, no need to -- the instructor added i gave you an extra 50% because you did it all through the muffler which i've never seen done in my entire career. >> you saved it at the end, brought it at the end. time for our girl bobbie thomas. >> you are really funny today. >> the bangs. >> it's tryday. everyone's getting bangs. natalie morales is on the with the trend, zoe deschanel. you don't have to permanently snip the bangs. it's not that bad. i think in the monitor -- >> they're cute. >> they clip in. they are $18. you can have your hair back. >> i love it. >> but they are real hair -- this is real hair so you can style it. >> you can style it. >> you can style it.
2:17 am
>> take it anywhere. >> really? >> what else. >> go on line and explain how to get these. this is a really cool new brush by conair. you know when some people try to blow dry hair, they get it tangled in a round brush. this retracts, which is cool. if it tangles, the bristles will go right back in. really great. last but not least, these are rollers that are really cool. you can adjust the size to however small or large. >> great. >> very smart. >> bobbie, you rock. >> we want to thank women's day magazine for sending these cupcakes. >> they are beautiful. >> 75th birthday. they are encouraging everyone to go out and do something wonderful for a woman you know. >> beautiful. oscar and tony-nominated actress anna kendrick has something to sing about. she'll tell us about her new
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she's one of the youngest actresses to be nominated for a tony and earned an oscar nomination starring opposite george clooney as a young woman who made a career out of firing people in the movie we all loved "up in the air." >> absolutely. now the "twilight" actress is changing her tune in a movie called "pitch perfect" she is singing in a highly competitive all girl a cappella group. anna kendrick. take a listen. ♪ >> we are so in. we both watched the trailer. >> it's awkward every time i hear myself sing but i love that song so much. i feel like such a dork.
2:21 am
it's playing and my voice, which is unusual. but i'm still like -- >> bring it. >> we didn't realize what a great singer you were. >> we didn't know you could sing like that. were you hiding this? >> it's a dark secret. >> you were tony nominated. you were in" night music" not an easy score to sing. >> no. >> did you always want to be broadway. >> when i was 6-year-old i did community theater, i was an orphan in little orphan annie. my parents introduced me to everything, sports and academic stuff. this the thing i kept coming back to. i couldn't really tell you what it was that made me want to do it. >> amazing. >> lucky i got to keep doing it. >> "glee" heightened everyone's attention to things like this. tell me, is this movie kind of like that? >> i don't know. in fact, i think i'm like the last person in america who has not seen that show. >> you've been working kind of
2:22 am
hard. >> our writer wrote the script years and years before "glee." the success with "glee" is instrumental in getting it. >> competition groups have been around forever. >> when i was 18 years old, i just moved to l.a., a friend of mine had a crush on this guy who was in one of these groups and i got dragged to this performance. it was a competition between ucla and usc. i thought it was going to be the most excruciating night of my life and by the end i was a huge dork. i was like, this is amazing, can we go meet them? it was a famous upset because ucla beat usc or vice versa. it went down in history. when i bring it up with people that know this world, they were like you were there, this famous night. . so in that seen scene we saw, is everybody singing a cappella? what's happening there?
2:23 am
>> singing this complicated game. you have to wait. somebody else is singing the song and you have to wait for a lyric you know and take that lyric and start singing differently. there's all these rules to the game we play. >> for people who do not understand what a cappella means. some people say what's a cappella? >> not linguine. >> not barber shop quartets, that you would traditionally think of. it's a somewhat new thing. >> like boyz ii men. >> yeah, but i would sing the piano part and you would be the drum. >> solo. >> only one person singing the melody and words. you're creating an orchestra with just voices. >> the human voice. >> we're so excited. this movie, "pitch perfect" opens at a theater near you. today. we're so excited. >> you are the cutest thing in the world. >> thank you. get ready for those crazy, off the wall photos.
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it's time to take a look at fabulous photos that make you do a double take and make you say what the what? miss sarah haines is here with this week's top picks. what have you got? >> totally. our first photo comes from jerry goldstein from delaware, ohio. look at this, silver dollar saloon. fire danger extreme. don't even fart in the forest. that was taken at mt. rushmore during the severe drought. >> clearly a sense of humor. >> you win. >> don't push your luck. don't fart in the forest. >> you might start a forest fire. >> angie from st. paul, minnesota, submitted this photo. maybe they should think about
2:29 am
changing the mascot. that is a pee sample at the zoo. >> can you imagine the kid going, please, take a picture of me with this sample. >> those look like -- >> i get it but looks like -- >> waves in the urine. >> i'm starting to like this segment. >> we have a photo from anne hathaway, no, not that one, from st. cloud, minnesota. don't stop here but bus stop, but don't, buses aren't coming. it was just during a state fair. wasn't that confusing? wouldn't you put that over the bus stop sign. claire martinez from coulterville, california, sent us this photo. please use thongs to grasp bread. that one little letter changes everything. you're going to bring out your own thong for that one. >> i wonder if anybody did.
2:30 am
>> dina from harriville, kansas sent us this. >> harryville? >> that's a place in kansas. what exactly would you be diving into. a picnic table. they covered the pool but forgot that side thing. >> something sad about that. >> some people dive into their food. >> true. >> katie mitchell from dublin, ohio. for those of you that just like the taste of vodka -- >> nonalcoholic vodka. >> why? >> just -- >> it's just potato juice if it's non-alcoholic. >> not drinking it for its taste. >> well done. well done, sarah. >> if you have a photo that makes you say what the what, send it to >> get ready for fright night with fun do it yourself halloween project you can do with your kids. >> for trend setters, wacky menus for the fall. >> and chef adds french flavor to southern cuisine.
2:31 am
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>> we're back on this fry day friday with more of "today." while we've barely entered october, the holiday will be here. frank fontana is here to calm the jitters. and scaring up a party on a budget. >> hey, my two favorite witches. >> did you say two favorite witches? >> we know what he means. >> body parts. >> what's more scary than that. >> right? take it to the next level. i got these at a halloween supply store. took old cookie jars, mason jars, threw them in, added food coloring to the water. >> what's in there? >> you don't want to know. >> hands, brains, hearts, vampire hearts. >> eyeball. >> cool little signs and burned the edges with a lighter. >> that's fun. >> if you can't afford that stuff, i'll show you how to do it at home with cauliflour. this the brain.
2:34 am
we are making alien brain. what you do, fill it up with a little more water. put some food coloring. looks really cool. >> yeah. >> if you don't have food coloring, use a little ketchup. put a top on it. a label, print out on the computer, slap it on the front, instant alien brain. >> what do you do with it once you have it? >> display it. people can look at it. >> throw it out afterwards. a trick to recycle old books. got these from goodwill, spray painted them black. any old book will do. get stencils, on the outside of the binder put spells, all kinds of halloween lingo. on the outside. on the front i printed out a big cover that says curses and witchcraft. i suggest gluing them together if kids are around, knock them over, it goes bye-bye. >> i love this. >> this is really inexpensive. maybe not for everybody's taste.
2:35 am
i know this is your favorite one. >> it looks expensive. >> these are old milk cartons recycled to look like sparkling ghouls. >> what did you put inside? >> this is what the trick it. you make a little door with a razor blade, stuff christmas lights, recycling again. shove them in there, so they look like this. paste it on the outside. would you make me a ghost face. >> are lights too hot for plastic? >> no, they haven't burned so far. >> burn the house down, i'm concerned. >> they let off such little energy you don't have to worry about it. if you're concerned, put it outside, leave it on overnight, if it doesn't melt by morning, you're in good shape. >> she's going to paint forever. >> a sneak peek. >> something down here. >> i'm not finished. >> nobody cares about the milk carton. >> i do. i have a task i'm going to complete. >> spider wreath.
2:36 am
this is a fun trick to put on the door, inside, outside. >> this looks cool. >> you like this one? >> i do. >> kathie lee, come here. you've got to make it with me. >> you're on this side. a brief explanation. your own wreath, recycle, pull off christmas decorations, use these. take the spider web and create your own. >> put some spiders on there. >> i have spiders. one big spider. whoever grabs it first, it's yours. >> what are we doing? >> just wrap it around. >> what i suggest, do your sticks first. >> what is that? >> i'm trying to make mine. >> we have 30 seconds. >> you've got to go, go, go. >> wrap it around. >> let me help you. pull the spider web across. >> looks like they had a little cut. >> take a whole bunch of these, throw them on. you're there. >> see. look at mine.
2:37 am
>> actually the first time in history hoda has beat kathie lee in the throwdown. >> thank you. . what are we making? >> none of your business. >> if that didn't scare you, wait until you see some of the wacky beauty trends. i'm not showing off or anything. >> right after this. ♪ forz(power!) andiamo! andiamo! (let's go! let's go!) avanti! avanti! (keep going! keep going!) hahaha...hahahaha! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than christopher columbus with speedboats. that's happy! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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red lips one week, pink the next. beauty trends come and go. if you think you've seen the craziest trends, think again. fashion and beauty expert jenn is here to tell us all about the wacky beauty trends popping up this fall. good to see you. >> how are you keeping up with things? >> beauty trends can get a little weird. sometimes it can be good. for example, 3d makeup. that's a big thing we're hearing about. >> now, what's your name? >> ugon. >> the 3d eye. the play on colors so from different angles, different
2:42 am
color-wise, depth perception. estee lauder has new lipsticks that use different particles of shine and that's what gives the 3d effect. >> when it's a trend, you don't want to invest too much money. >> there's a range. pretty affordable. more of a makeup artist brand and you've got to pick and choose. >> moving onto black makeup. >> yes. we always thought it seemed a little strange, something that looked like dirt on your face. this has been around a long time for sensitive skin. this is like the iconic thing that started the trend. now we're seeing black lipstick. lady gaga wore it. a way you can use it is with a red or pink. to deepen it a little bit. >> no, it's ghoulish. looks freaky. >> that's freaky version. i have it mixed with my shadow, the one there. it looks normal. lady gaga's fragrance, you put it on, it's clear.
2:43 am
>> okay, miss trendy. textured nails are big, too. >> it's big. new at sephora, it's velvet. what she has on over here is also sephora, rubber nails. it looks rubbery. >> everybody doing it on the third. >> they call it the statement nail. i think i'm too old for it, some people love it. but i love this because it doesn't chip as easily because it has a rubbery finish to it. >> okey-doke. >> the lip department down here. >> lipsticks are no longer stick. all about liquid lipsticks. a whole collection of liquid lip color, the first lipstick in 1870, they are going to the formula. >> 1870. >> these still have the finish of a lipstick. it gives that effect. for some it's easier to apply. the stick can get a little clumsy. and it lasts. it's not shimmery or shiny like you would think a gloss. it's a full on lipstick but more
2:44 am
modern formula. >> use a pencil, too. >> easy, simple, you can use a point. >> are we up to face deodorants, this is freaky. >> you know how you sweat if you're nervous. this evaporates quickly. put it on before the makeup. it makes your makeup last. also good for the beach. also has spf. if you're out on vacation, at the beach. >> oils are something we really freak out about. >> putting oil on your face, a french beauty treatment, it's great. vitamin e is a big one. seaberry, a huge ingredient, very moisturizing. this is from melvita, oily scalp and skin. oily skin can benefit from a good skin oil. it almost tricks spoke not overproducing oil. >> you know what i did a couple of months ago and it changed my life.
2:45 am
vitamin c liquid on my face. >> do you love it? >> i love it. it's tightened. it's been great. >> these are very pure formulas, great for the skin, after you cleanse, before you moisturize. >> what else? >> nipple balms. cover your face, sephora, originally for nipples, now on the lips. it's a big thing for makeup artists. >> who uses things on their nipples. >> nursing mothers do. >> this is one called nip and fab. funny you should mention it. benefit, pole dancers, to put on to make nipples nice and pink. now for the face. >> oh, my gosh. crazy. >> this is a great country. wonderful country. >> thank you. >> coming up, lace up those sneakers, from the sofa to the street. >> you're going to like it.
2:46 am
>> right after this. good morning. for the first weekend of october and for so many it's going to feel like we're right in the middle of that fall season as that cold air has come in across the great lakes, the midwest. it will be impacting the northeast eventually. but today we're expecting the showers to kind of hold off away from new york city until the evening up to boston it should be dry along this i-95 stretch. main moves into the interior northeast. back across the southern plains. we'll even get a little bit of rain. and the snow will still be flying across parts of colorado front range here into the eastern plains that's where most of the snow will accumulate across parts of wyoming and nebraska. cold enough for snow. we've already had the first snow of the season across several of our northern states. 50 in minneapolis for the high, 49 in billings later today. the blue on the map indicates the coldest air.
2:47 am
meanwhile look how warm it is across the southeast. phoenix at 94. once the cold front moves all the way across the eastern seaboard temperatures cool off sunday. more rain moves into the mid-atlantic and northeast. new york city into the 50s with cool rain for sunday. that's the worst day of the weekend or the best day of the weekend however you want to look at it. a lot of people will be on the couch watching football. 52 in chicago. 67 in atlanta by the second half of the weekend. slowly warming back up into the inner mountain west. 56 in places like denver. monday 64 in chicago warming a little bit in the northeast. at least we get rid of all the soggy weather on tuesday tracking the next cold front and northern snow there across northern minnesota seeing a few light snowflakes. on wednesday the front races to the east once again that's going to eventually bring more showers across the northeast. on thursday we're pretty quiet here but we're stuck with a cool week setting up for many areas. be ready for the fall chill. wake up with al week day
2:48 am
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on get fit with kathie lee and hoda, we are putting you to the challenge, getting you off the couch and getting you ready to run a 5k race in five weeks. >> sarah has her laces trapped on and she's ready to go. here with easy tips to get you to jumpstart your training and across the finish line, editor in chief of -- hey david. if you're getting started, a lot of people haven't run since high school. the idea of putting shoes on and getting busy, what are the basics, what should you start with. >> so many good reasons to run. you will feel better physically and mentally. you'll look better. you'll gain confidence, health. it's a great way to help good causes, raise money for cancer, breast cancer survivor. so many great reasons to start running even if you haven't before.
2:51 am
>> getting the right shoes is critical. sometimes if you have the wrong ones, forget it. >> first, sign up for a race. 5k. >> how many miles? >> 3.1 miles. >> doable for most people. >> it's doable and with a five-week training plan. a few days a week, 30 minutes at a time, you can be ready for it. it's a great thing to put out there in the future to get you motivated. then you want to pick a route around your house so you can get comfortable building up to that 30 minutes of running at a time. >> is that what it should take, 30 minutes? >> a 10-minute mile. >> that's a pretty good pace, something to shoot for. >> i do it in songs. three songs is one mile. i count songs. by the time i'm done with 10 songs, i've usually done three miles. >> any of those songs mine? >> no, well, occasionally. how do you pick the right gear, david? >> you mentioned shoes.
2:52 am
shoes really are the only essential gear, especially for beginners. that's one of the great things about running. change your shoes, you can run anywhere you are. check in with specialty running store to get a sense of what you need in running shoes. you want some cushion and a little stability. we've got three award winning shoes from runners world. >> asics are my favorite. i always run in those. i have knee problems and they work for me. >> they have great cushioning and a little bit of stability to keep your ankle from turning inward. a lighter running shoe, good racing. nike lunar guide, in addition to looking cool is a great combination of -- >> can't they make them in one color, not all this neon stuff. please tell somebody to do that. >> i'll work on that. >> thank you. >> this sticky don't even know what this stick is for. please ex plarn it. >> that feels great. >> this is to get knots out of your muscles, prevent soreness. when you start running you tend
2:53 am
to get sore. a few minutes of this -- >> she's all yours. sarah will be running the new york city marathon. yes, she is. >> she's going to do it. >> good for you, honey. >> thank you. >> sarah, we're going to follow your journey. look how well sarah is doing. >> very proud of her. >> all right. >> all right. >> alex hits from the beverly hills kitchen is here with a classic lesson in southern kitsching but first this is "today" on nbc. 2@
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
we are back with "today's" kitchen. if you're in the mood for southern cooking with a french floor, you're in for a treat. >> alex hits has cooked for tre and the royals and now he's cooking for us. sharing some of his favorite recipes in the new book "my beverly hills kitchen." >> yum. there we go. this is a celebration. >> it's my first book and time to celebrate. the first thing we're going to do -- >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. the first thing we're going to do is start with pecan crusted salmon. with no disrespect to y'all's dogs, it's so easy they could do it. no disrespect to your cats or
2:57 am
dogs, i know they are smart. take some pecans, melted butter, dry dill, garlic, salt. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> this is easy. >> grind it up. >> okay. yum, yum. then it becomes like this. >> still kind of crunchy. >> it's crunchy and full of flavor. the first thing we do with the salmon is season it because we're all about big, strong flavors. that's what the whole reason for being is to me. >> what salmon do you like? do you like the wild salmon? >> i love wild salmon. this is a piece right there. >> beautiful. you have to have it twice a week for great heart health. >> i think more. >> i'm with you. >> then you do like that. >> i like it. >> can y'all do that. >> pat that baby down. >> yum, yum. that oven on 400, cook 10 to 12 minutes like this.
2:58 am
>> what is happening here? >> that is magic on top of it. we have all these things, caper, parsley, chives, tarragon and garlic. >> dump it in there. >> for anybody who cares about this sort of thing. >> salt and two kinds of pepper. vinegar. that's red wine vinegar. >> of course. >> lemon juice. >> a little mustard there? >> use your finger. wipe it off. >> that goes on top. >> that's the way honey boo boo would do it down south. >> be careful. you're already hurting his feelings. >> turn it on. >> i need more help. >> yes. >> one, one, one, pour it very slowly on the top. >> what are they? >> olive oil and regular oil. >> very slowly. >> we have about a minute. >> how hard is that? >> that's about as easy as it gets. >> that is the sauce. there we go.
2:59 am
time to go to the party. >> okay. pecan crusted salmon. yum. >> no plate, no sauce. >> a little sauce. >> hit me. >> oh yeah. >> oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> hit me. >> i am not mad at that. i'm not. >> heirloom tomato pie. all in the book. >> amazing. amazing. >> i need another bite. real quick, what is that? >> white and dark chocolate mint mousse. my fave. >> we have a big week next week. scott baio, rick springfield, hulk hogan and the cast of "jersey shore." >> have an awesome week, everybody. god bless. >> thank you. >> insane. >> insane. >> y


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